Yesterday I was reading a Cracked article about famous artists that are perverts, and I learned that the guy who designed and directed Lilo and Stitch, and The Croods also draws THIS, this made me much more comfortable about the fact that I draw, for the most part, women in various stages of undress. I also was bored and watched a couple episodes of Ed Edd and Eddy. Between these 2 things I got inspired to draw something in a more “cartoony” style. The result was something I thought had potential. Looking at it I decided I could use the design as a replacement of a character in another comic I started and abandoned.

about 6 months ago I was working on a more adult themed comic called In Paradise. Before I abandoned it I drew 4.5 pages. Now I think I might want to give it another go, but I don’t want to draw it myself. Instead I am thinking of changing the Patreon rewards and instead of extra Zoe pages¬† the money would go towards hiring an artist to take my sketched pages and do clean lines and colors. This would allow me to have 3 weekly comics without having to draw 3 weekly comics. Also I could hopefully get an artist that is more talented than myself. Curently I get about 70$ a month in Patreon money and as long as that continues I could pay an artist 20$ a page for 3 pages a month, hopefully it would increase the number of readers to the site and increase Patreon support.

So you may be wondering “What is In Paradise?” Well In Paradise is a story of a boy and girl who awaken in the woods with amnesia, oh and they’re completely nude. They have no idea who they are and how they got there. Are they Adam and Eve? 2 lovers that got a bit wild in the woods and hit their collective heads? NOBODY KNOWS. They take up the names Grumpy and Lumpy, because you NEED a name. The girl is called grumpy as she has a bit of a temper, and Lumpy… well you can guess why he’s called that.¬† So the 2 explore a vast wilderness in search of answers. The story differs from Zoe and Ugh by this is a long form story instead of Slice of Life. It will be humorous but there is a goal, a journey the characters take. There will be twists, Definitely can say the many Adam and Eve Twilight Zone episodes partially inspired this, but it will be a fun journey to learn who these 2 people are.

So with that said you might be wondering “what is it gunna look like?” Well check out the sketch I did last night.