I’ve tried everything I can think of and read a few other sites Macgyverin’s to get multiple comics on a single site without any working the way I want them to. I spent 2 hours adding all of the Ugh pages and tried everything to separate them but it completely ruins the navigation. So I’m gunna need to make Ugh a site to itself. I’m broke and I spent all of the this months Patreon money buying hosting for the new Zoe site (luckily I got hosting for 2 sites through this service So it won’t cost anything besides buying a domain) A domain will cost me around 20$ but Patreon money doesn’t come till the 5th of October so till then I will keep updating Ugh on the old site. You can get to it at http://zoethevampire.weebly.com/ I is completely intact and will stay on that domain, which is free along with free hosting through Weebly.

Because It will need it’s own separate hosting and a domain (like 100$ cost to me) I am thinking of setting up a kickstarter or something for the In Paradise comic, I’m worried Kickstarter won’t allow a comic that features 2 completely nude characters though, so might need to use GOFUNDME instead.