First the new page of Ugh is up check it out at

So I made a DA posting today to see about an artist for the In Paradise story, and wasn’t too interested in those that responded (nothing against any of them, just none stood out in the way I need if I’m paying my hard earned money on). So instead of pursuing the In Paradise story I’ve decided to instead follow on a different abandoned story I started around the same time, that I also abandoned due to my own inadequacies as an artist. Like In Paradise this has a pretty solid story underlining things the main difference is This Place Called Nowhere ISN’T a cheesecake comic, I decided to up the amount I’m paying per page to 50$, and if I’m tossing that much into a project I want it to be a project I’d be proud to show people, instead of my shameful little secret no one knows about lol. You can see the first page and a mostly finished second page I did long ago on my DA page

So who is drawing it you may be asking. I mentioned it to a friend that is a FAR more talented artist than myself and she really wants to try it out. check out her artwork at her site Laura is an amazing artist and I’ve always been jealous of her art, so it makes sense I’d jump at the opportunity to get her to draw a comic for me.

It will at first only be updating a page a month, She is giving me a steal at 50$ a page but I am broke and only can afford to pay out of the Patreon money I get for my comics (hopefully by January I’ll be caught up on my many past due bills and might be able to get an extra page out of pocket a month but can’t guarantee it), currently I get about 75$ after Patreon takes their cut, hoping that the new comic will entice more people to toss their change into it, because I REALLY want to tell a more compelling story, not just slice of life with occasional jokes.