First, I drew a logo for the new comic, think it came out alright. Will try to have a site up for it by the end of the week, and a Kickstarter up for it sometime next week. I am going to ransom my comic to help raise the money for the new one. What that means is If successfully funded (300$ which will finance 5 pages) I will give you all what you want to see. Over the past month I’ve gotten a ton of messages asking for Zoe to give Damien some relief. So if you all support my Kickstarter I’ve come up with a funny scenario in which Zoe will give Damien an orgasm.

Now on to the delay. I am making a huge page as sort of a tease of what would come (cum :P) if I get the support I need. The page is extremely explicit with Zoe giving Damien a hand job among other things. I will be posting at least the linework at the normal time (which I just finished) but don’t think the colors will be finished till at least Saturday.