I’ve started working on the next Zoe page. As I stated previously, there will be a shift in tone and less focus on sex/nudity. There will still be some going forward, but mostly more in range with the first few pages (speaking of, I just counted and so far the comic is 41 pages long!) Going forward it will focus on Zoe a lot more, many little arcs won’t feature Damien at all, and when he is there it will be more of Zoe awkwardly trying to reclaim their friendship and come to grips with both her urges and sorting out her feelings for Damien. The next few little arcs will be mostly new though eventually it will get back on track with the original arcs from the first iteration of the Zoe comic (really want to get to the bear incident :) )

Here is a look at where I’m at with the next page, which will go onto the site on January 7th.


In other news I have started planning out a return to Yellowgerbil.com for both Zoe and Ugh. (speaking of ugh, I will beginning sketches up the next REAL page tonight and it will update January 5th). The site will be basically a place for everything adult I do. I plan to have weekly pinup style drawings as well as a bunch of little 1 shot Adult comic stories (currently have been sketching and writing 2 such stories) The site won’t go live till the spring and when it does I plan to have a lot of new content. Mainly it will be a way to better entice hentai fans to check out my work. I’ve posted a lot of my stuff on Ehentai, with not much success. The pinups and 1 shots are more designed to cater to the different tropes and styles of hentai. Personally not a big hentai fan, mainly due to the terrible lack of characterization, with characters that are 1 dimensional, something I strive to avoid with Zoe and Audrey.

I’ve started drawing a mascot of sorts for the site. I call her Giselle or GerbilGirl. She wears a Yellowgerbil hat, and nothing else…