Yes for those that have been longtime readers don’t worry I am participating again this year (though being as the comic is now practically porn it is less significant). For those not familiar with VDSD it stands for Valentines Day Sex Drive and it is where a whole bunch of webcomics get together and post nude drawings of their characters on Feb 14th. You may be asking yourselves, how are you going to make something special when you already have gone so far as to show Zoe and Damien having fun together. Well I’m planning a pretty ambitious little gif for you all. It will have a lot more movement going on than anything I’ve done in the past.

Besides that I am also looking to drum up some funds for when I go to the Motor City Comic Con here in Michigan (if you’re in Michigan you should come and visit my booth :) ) So I am working on a short one shot story. On my Tumblr you can see in progress work of the first 2 pages (the finished story will probably be around 7 or 8 pages) I will charge 5$ for that as well as offer prices for commissions. On that one day I get nearly 1000 visitors so I am hoping to both make some new fans as well as get some commissions. I spent 210$ to buy the table and am expecting it to cost between 1 and 2k all told with Merchandise.